Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Moduline Pressure Cooker

Healthy, light and quick cooking, preserving the nutritional value and taste of every ingredient: the ideal choice is pressure cooking.

Promises kept in full by the new Moduline oven, the result of advanced research and careful attention to the actual needs of professional contemporary catering: the best that today's technology offers in terms of performance and practicality.

In the stainless steel cavity temperatures vary between 50°C and 122°C (1.2 bar max), ensuring time/energy savings and preserving food nutrients and flavours intact. How? Foods do not come into contact with water, but only with its pressurised steam and cooking takes place at relatively low temperatures.

Features that make the pressure cooker also perfect for pasteurising, sterilising, defrosting, sous-vide cooking or regenerating.

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posted by scotsiceaustralia on 11/04/2016