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At Scots Ice Australia Foodservice Equipment, we pride ourselves on only supplying the best quality commercial cooking, catering and refrigeration equipment from the top leading brands in the world. All of our equipment is manufactured in Europe, both Italy and Germany, and built specifically for the rigours of busy and bustling food establishments, able to stand up to heavy use each day.


Cooking & Catering Equipment

Baron is the ideal partner for professional catering specialists thanks to its diversified and vast range of equipment, from its innovative heavy duty cooking ranges, available in both 700 mm and 900 mm depths, through to their range of salamander grills and inset cooking options.

Cook tops and cooking ranges, induction tops and woks, fry tops, pasta cookers, deep fryers, barbeques, bratt pans, solid tops, stock pots, salamander grills.

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Ice Makers, Flakers & Dispensers

CastelMAC, the manufacturers of Icematic, is a company specialised in professional refrigeration, known as one of the leaders in the production of ice makers. One of the key reasons for this is their understanding of the importance of ice to any number of businesses.

Ice machines, ice cubers, ice flakers, ice dispensers, ice storage and transportation systems.

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Combi Convection Oven Steamers

LAINOX combi convection oven steamers are admired by chefs worldwide and, with a complete range of cooking equipment on five continents, it is considered a global leader. Research, innovation and training are the three main ingredients in the LAINOX recipe for success.

Combi ovens and steamers, convection ovens, speedy ovens.

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Combis & Bakery Ovens

Being a chef or a baker, the love for the job is the best ingredient and Eloma is the same way in regards to their products, developing a range of first class professional equipment designed to be the best solution no matter the requirement.

Combi ovens / steamers, convection ovens, baking ovens.

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Catering & Food Processing

Four lines developed specifically to respond to the different needs of those who work in the food industry, different models of machinery for catering and small food companies able to meet the different production needs of restaurants, catering services, centralised kitchens, canteens, meal manufacturers and factories.

Tilting bratt pans, tilting kettles, pressurised cooking, jacketed kettles, boiling pans, automatic cookers, cook & chill processing.

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Blast Chillers & Refrigeration

Polaris specialise in the design and manufacture of industrial refrigeration and cooling products, and guarantees high performance, high quality and functionality of these products. With a wide range of products that offer high performance, reliability and energy savings, Polaris equipment is certain to exceed expectations.

Blast chillers/freezers, refrigerated cabinets and counters, freezer cabinets and counters, multipurpose chillers, roll in/out refrigerators and freezers.

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Dish & Ware Washing Equipment

Dihr is a world leading company in the production of professional dish & ware-washing machines. With its highly automated production of one machine every 3 minutes (from the metal sheet to the packaging box) DIHR has been for years amongst the very first companies in the world in producing professional Dish and Ware-washers. Dihr exports to 95 countries worldwide with 70 different commercial brands.

Glasswashers, dishwashers, potwashers, rack conveyors, flight conveyors, stacking washers.

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Healthcare & Catering

The true trademark of Moduline is their constant attention to the real needs of those who work in food preparation. Moduline: not just the wide range of products for professional kitchens – systems for regenerating and holding foods, systems for food preservation, including modular equipment for self-service outlets – but the commitment to improve, down to the last detail, the quality of those who work in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Cook & hold ovens, hot holding cabinets & food warmers, regeneration ovens, banquet carts, cold holding, pressure cooking, smoker ovens.

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Pastry, Fish & Schnitzel Fryers

The line is ideal for all catering professionals who are looking for a robust and safe partner and for those who require the maximum functionality and reliability in the kitchen where compact sizing cannot compromise performance.

Gas large pan fryers, electric large pan fryers, bench models & freestanding units.

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