Commercial Smoker Ovens

These versatile appliances are meticulously designed to infuse a delightful smokiness into a variety of dishes, from succulent meats to flavorful vegetables. Whether you operate a bustling restaurant, a barbecue joint, or a catering service, our smoker ovens are engineered to meet your exacting standards.

Elevate your culinary craft in Australia with the exquisite flavor possibilities unlocked by our smoker ovens. These appliances are not just about enhancing flavor but also streamlining your kitchen operations. From reduced cooking times to unparalleled smoky goodness, smoker ovens add an exceptional dimension to your dishes, making them a valuable asset to chefs and food service providers across the country. Unleash the potential of flavorful creations with our smoker ovens and take your culinary excellence to new heights.

Moduline moduline hot cold smoker oven 5x2 1gn chs052e


CHS 052E

Cook And Hold

5 x 2/1GN capacity hot or cold smoker oven

805W x 895D x 1155H

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Moduline moduline hot cold smoker oven 8x2 1gn chs082e


CHS 082E

Cook And Hold

8 x 2/1GN capacity hot or cold smoker oven

805W x 895D x 1380H

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smoked salmon
smoked sausage
smoked brisket
smoked pork

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