Commercial Vegetable Washers

Modular commercial vegetable washers with compartments for the kitchens or restaurants, hotels, catering services, collective catering centres such as canteens, hospitals and schools allows you to wash vegetables of different types by dividing them into compartments in different quantities, with high savings in water, energy and time.

Our range of automatic vegetable washers are a reliable and efficient solution for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food processing facilities. With their advanced washing technology, user-friendly interface, and high-capacity design, this washer offers time-saving benefits, improved hygiene, consistent results, and cost-effectiveness helping to streamline your vegetable washing process and enhance your kitchen's efficiency.

Moduline firex dreener automatic basin vegetable washers lwd



Basin Vegetables Washers Electric Powered

High capacity electric automatic basin vegetable washers

150 / 225 / 300 L

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washed vegetables
washed vegetables
washed vegetables
washed vegetables

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