Top Leading Brands In Commercial Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment

Cooking Catering Equipment Combi Ovens Fryers Babreques Commercial Baron

Professional Foodservice Equipment

All Baron equipment is built with modern technology combined with strength of stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish resulting in equipment that is sturdy, durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Manufactured in Italy ...

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Icematic Ice Machines, Ice Flakers, Ice Dispensers, Ice Storage

The World Leaders Of Ice Machines

Founded long ago in 1963, Castel MAC is a company specialised in professional refrigeration, known as one of the leaders in the production of icemakers. The company, through technical innovation and the adoption of the most innovative ...

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Refrigeration Blast Chiller Freezer Fridges Commercial Polaris

Professional Refrigeration

Based on the extensive specialised expertise acquired in the industrial refrigeration industry over the years, Polaris has designed a product range that can boast many important strong points which have earned it a top-ranking position ...

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Food Processing Industrial Stock Pots Bratt Pans Commercial Firex

Industrial and Professional Kitchens

Four lines developed specifically to respond to the different needs of those who work in the food industry, different models of machinery for catering and small food companies able to meet the different production needs of restaurants, ...

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Regeneration Banqueting Dehydrators Heated Cabinets Hot Boxes Commercial Catering Moduline

Professional, Institutional Catering

The true trademark of Moduline is their constant attention to the real needs of those who work in food preparation. Moduline has always supplied concrete and effective solutions, as demonstrated by the commercial success they have achi ...

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Commercial Pastry, Doughnut, Fish & Schnitzel Fryers Lotus

Fry With Pleasure

All fryers FRY Lotus prove solid and durable, because the gas-electric parts are made of materials and construction in accordance with EC. Characterised by planes and tanks in stainless steel 18/10, instrument panels, exterior walls, d ...

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