Hot Holding: Moduline Warming Drawers

Moduline, Hot holding, warming drawers, 1/1GN capacity, meal delivery services

The Moduline warming drawers offers advanced technology that works to ensure even and stable temperatures, accurately calibrated to be gentle on the food, thus preserving flavours and fragrance.

The wiring heating system, wrapped around the external cavity wall and electronically controlled with precision, holds the humidity contained in food, without drying it, in opposition to ventilated holding systems.

"Moduline provides extraordinary results when holding food for different types of use, either canteens, fast food restaurants, or banqueting and public facilities"

The range of warming drawers consists of six models that allow precise control of each and every aspect of how you want to hold your food through a perfect interface.

Available with electronic panel and touch screen, offering easy access to all functions and settings allowing you to serve your recipes the moment you need them and guarantee they will taste and look as if just cooked.

Moduline Hot Holding Warm Series: warming drawers, food holding, food preservers

Moduline Hot Holding Warm Series: warming drawer features front

Electronic control
Extremely intuitive and easy to use controls

Manual vent
Allows the adjustment of the humidity of food to be held

Drawer handle
Ergonomic and fully recessed with magnetic closure

Adjustable legs
Provided with suction cup, allowing easy table-top installation or stacking

No fan ventilation
Prevents the food from drying out; humidity injection is not required, thus avoiding any water consumption

Telescopic guides
Telescopic stainless steel drawer guides

Insulation of the cavity
Made of highly insulating materials that ensure lower heat dispersion

Drawer gasket
Made of easily interchangeable silicone resistant to high temperatures

Moduline Hot Holding Warm Series: warming drawer features isometric

Moduline Hot Holding Series: warming drawers HSW control panel

Warming Drawers: Control Panel

1. Digital display.

2. ON/OFF key.

3. Keys to increase/decrease the cavity temperature.

4. START/STOP key.

Moduline’s range of warming drawers for meal delivery service such as Uber Eats

Warming Drawers for Meal Delivery Services

With the food delivery industry booming and meal delivery services becoming a staple of almost every type of food establishment we have been working on a solution to to help keep the waiting orders as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Moduline now has the option of two models of warming drawers specifically for meal delivery service. These single and double drawer models include all the features and technology that the standard range offers but each drawer is designed to comfortably hold six meal delivery bags each.

For more information on these new models contact your Scots Ice Sales Representative or phone 1800 222 460.

posted by scotsiceaustralia on 09/04/2019

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