How It Works: Tilting Bratt Pans

Braising pan with mixer for food industry and catering sector. Allow under pressure cooking and mixing at the same time.

In the latest How It Works, we take a look at the Cucimax range of tilting bratt pans with automatic mixer from Firex.

Cucimax is a fundamental piece of equipment for the most efficient production centres. It is highly flexible in use guaranteeing the optimization of production processes and of human resources and is, therefore, both energy and cost-saving.

Cucimax is a complete, sturdy and multifuctional device: from sauces to jams, from meat dishes to steamed vegetables, and much more!

How It Works is a series of posts that feature video demonstrations on how to use and how to get the best out of your commercial equipment from the professionals who helped design them.

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posted by scotsiceaustralia on 07/12/2018