Polaris Chillers: Self Contained Series

Polaris Blast Chillers Freezers, Self Contained, PBF Series, Made In Italy

The range of self contained blast chillers/freezers from Polaris is particularly wide, articulated and designed for all professionals who need a practical and user-friendly solution to chilling product and is especially suitable for small and medium sized establishments.

The Polaris technology allows to cool (+3°C) or freeze (-18°C), blocking all potential degenerative factors of the product, such as bacterial load, oxidation, overcooking and weight drop, responsible for the physiological degradation of the food product.

"With Polaris you can insert your food into the chiller straight from the oven, guaranteeing absolute quality of the product"

Manufactured in Italy, Polaris refrigeration equipment has been behind the freshness of your products for more than 30 years as well as being part of the world renowned Ali Group, able to interpret the evolution of your needs in the world of cold and accompany you professionally in daily challenges.

To date, Polaris has an articulated range able to cover the main food product sectors such as gastronomy, ice cream shops, pizzeria, confectionery and bakeries.

Polaris PBF Series Features Self Contained Blast Chiller Freezers

PBF Series Features

  • 4 soft / hard cycles.
  • From 90°C to +3°C within 90 mins.
  • From 90°C to -18°C within 240 mins.
  • Wide range of capacities from 3 x 1/1GN to 24 x 1/1GN.
  • Lower cooling unit.
  • Control panel with electronic card able to store 100 programs.
  • Insulation thickness of 60 mm.
  • Body made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Easily replaceable joint gasket.
  • Climatic class 5 (+40°C ambient temperature).
  • Evaporation of the automatic condensate water.
  • Heated core temperature probe with single sensor at the tip.

Polaris PBF Series Chilling Temperature (+3°C) Self Contained Blast Chiller Freezers

Chilling Temperature (+3°C)

Use of the thermal chiller in storage (+3°C) allows to quickly cool products, rapidly exceeding the room temperature threshold, where there is the greatest bacterial proliferation (approx. +65°C +10°C).

This ensures total product integrity, reduction in the dispersion of liquids responsible for product dehydration and deterioration over time, as well as weight loss and overcooking.

Polaris PBF Series Freezing Temperature (-18°C) Self Contained Blast Chiller Freezers

Freezing Temperature (-18°C)

The use of the thermal chiller in freezing (-18°) makes the product inert in an extremely reduced period of time and avoids the leakage of liquids and consequent creation of macro-crystals.

Macro-crystals, large-sized ice crystals formed in the spaces between cells and cause cell membranes to break, are responsible for the deteriorated quality of the product once defrosted.

If you are interested in purchasing a high quality self contained blast chiller/freezers for your establishment or looking to replace your existing one, contact us on 1800 222 460 and our specialised sales staff will be able to assist you through the entire process.

PCF031/AFG: Polaris Bench Model Blast Chiller/Freezer, 3 x 1/1GN, 5/8kg product capacity

Bench Model Blast Chiller/Freezer

The baby of the Polaris self contained series, the PCF 031 is a compact bench model blast chiller/freezer with a capacity of 3 x 1/1GN.

Extremely versatile, it was designed for all those establishments that have space issues but do not want to give up a professional cold partner.

With the ability to chill up to 8kg or freeze 5kg at a time, the PCF 031 is perfect for smaller batches of production such as ice cream, deserts, confectionery, baking, etc.

posted by scotsiceaustralia on 30/06/2020

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The Polaris blast chiller/freezer range is particularly wide and diversified. In fact, it includes appliances suitable for small foodservice business, equipment designed for large community kitchens, tunnels suited to small-businesses units and to frozen food Industries.

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