Firex firex multicooker double pan automatic pasta cooker direct electric heating cpm de 2

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Firex Commercial Catering And Food Processing Equipment

CPM DE 2 …

MULTICOOKER | Double Pan Automatic Pasta Cooker | Direct Electric Heating



DESCRIPTION: MULTICOOKER series medium capacity automatic cookers with double basket and direct electric heating. Stainless steel construction with marine grade AISI 316 basket, electronic controls and capacities ranging from 240 to 480 litres. Perfect for water based, continuous cooking with immersion basket timer and can be incorporated into a cook and chill process line.

Firex | CPM DE 2-12 | 135+135L capacity
CPM DE 2-12

135+135L capacity.
12-15kg(x2) pasta load.
3 phase, 17+17kW power.

1600 W x 900 D x 900 H

CPM DE 2-12 spec sheet
Firex | CPM DE 2-18 | 188+188L capacity
CPM DE 2-18

188+188L capacity.
18-23kg(x2) pasta load.
3 phase, 25.5+25.5kW power.

2000 W x 900 D x 900 H

CPM DE 2-18 spec sheet
Firex | CPM DE 2-24 | 242+242L capacity
CPM DE 2-24

242+242L capacity.
24-30kg(x2) pasta load.
3 phase, 31+31kW power.

2400 W x 900 D x 900 H

CPM DE 2-24 spec sheet


12 months parts
12 months labour


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