M Series: The Original, Most Loved Modular Ice Machine on the Market, 100% Italian Made

The M Series, 100% Italian made, harvest assisted modular ice machine from Icematic. The orginal and most loved ice machine on the market.

The Original, The Best

For 18 years Scots Ice Australia has been providing the Australian market with the most reliable modular ice machines, manufactured by Castel MAC in Italy, known as the world leaders in the production of icemakers.

The M Series range of ice machines, now under their original brand of Icematic, are still the reliable and high quality ice machines that you have come to expect.

Always striving for perfection and never resting on their laurels, Icematic maintain this quality and reliability of their ice machines through technical innovation and the adoption of the most innovative solutions, always ready to accommodate and satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of the market.

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Increased Energy Efficiency

All the Icematic M Series ice machines feature the harvest assist system, to reduce the harvest cycle and power consumption, while electronic components have been simplified, allowing for one of the best value for money ice machines on the market.

Increased Water Efficiency

Unlike other ice machines on the market that flush and re-fill water after every ice harvest making them extremely inefficient when it comes to water usage, the Icematic M Series feature smart water saving technology meaning that the water is only totally flushed after every 6 ice harvests, saving an incredible amount of water.

The M Series, 100% Italian made, harvest assisted modular ice machine from Icematic. The orginal and most loved ice machine on the market.

M Series Features

  • Auto-Alert indicator lights communicate about the machines operating status via LED lights on the control panel making the troubleshooting process and diagnosis fast and easy.
  • Ideal for Quick Service Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Clubs and Pubs.
  • This Ice machine delivers hard, pure and crystal-clear ice that is slow melting to prevent flavour dilution.
  • Front-facing Evaporator means the ice forming process can be inspected and routine cleaning can be perfomed easily by simply removing the front panel.
  • Hand-removable water distribution tube - routine cleaning has never been so easy!
  • Embedded antimicrobial is present in selected food-zone components.
  • All external panel components are crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish.
  • Reusable air filter is easily removable from the outside for ease of cleaning (air-cooled models only).

Three Configurations of Ice Sizes

Half Dice ice configuration. 6g 24mm x 10mm x 29mm. MH Series high production Icematic ice machine.


Half Dice

24mm x 10mm x 29mm

Full Dice ice configuration. 10g 24mm x 22mm x 22mm. M Series high production Icematic ice machine.


Full Dice

24mm x 22mm x 22mm

Large Dice ice configuration. 17g 24mm x 29mm x 29mm. ML Series high production Icematic ice machine.


Large Dice

24mm x 29mm x 29mm

Ideal for venues with high peaks in ice demand

Solid ice cube, suitable for quick drink cooling, available in three different sizes, FULL DICE (M models), HALF DICE (MH models) and LARGE DICE (ML models), can be used in various applications: ice buckets, whisky on the rocks and cocktails.

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