Warranty Request

Please note that from the 1st February 2018 we are no longer the authorised warranty agents for Scotsman ice machines. See below for details of where to send your Scotsman warranty requests, we apologise for any inconvenience.

For warranty on Scotsman ice machines contact Moffat Pty Ltd. For all other brands please fill in the below form.

For all complaints about this change please contact Michele Granziera, General Manager Scotsman Singapore, at michele.granziera@scotsman.com.sg

Warranty Claim Checklist

Before submitting a warranty claim you must check the following common causes of inoperability:

  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Power / gas is connected and circuit breaker / isolator are on
  • Check if gas hoses are kinked
  • Water is connected and is on
  • Drain not blocked / installed correctly
  • Ice Machines
  • Power and water connected and turned on
  • Drain installed with correct fall and not blocked
  • Are the air filters clean
  • Is the water filter clean
  • Has room temperature increased / adequate air flow
  • Have items been placed around machine restricting air flow

The Goods must be serviced by a licensed technician at minimum every twelve (12) months as per the manufacturers specifications and Scots Ice reserves the right to ask for proof of service prior to attending the site for any Warranty Claims.

Failure to adequately clean and complete preventative maintenance to the Goods at minimum every six (6) months as per the manufacturer’s specifications will affect the claim of warranty and reduce the production capacity of the Goods. Please contact Scots Ice on 1800 222 460 for more information about preventative maintenance.

Cleaning and maintenance of water filters should be carried out a minimum of every three (3) months. This includes changing the filter cartridge. Failure to do so will void warranty of any Goods damaged or affected by this.

The Purchaser agrees that they will be charged for any work done by an authorised technician or sub-contractor that specifically falls outside of these Warranty Terms and that they will be required to provide a credit card for pre-payment up front when requesting services under this warranty.

For our full terms and conditions regarding warranty click here.

By accepting to proceed you are agreeing to our terms and conditions in full and accept full responsibility for service calls made that fall outside these terms.

Please fill in the below form to make a warranty claim on your equipment. Please note that fields marked with ** are required.

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