Icematic: Cleaning And Maintaining Your Ice Machine

Icematic How To Maintain Your Ice Machine, Important Cleaning

An ice machine is an important investment in many restaurants and food service businesses and keeping these vital machines running optimally and maintained will prevent any unexpected down time for yourself and customers.

While all Icemactic ice machines are developed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and put through stringent quality control before leaving the factory, there are still a few things you need to do during the machines working life to keep it running optimally.

"Our constant commitment is to provide customers with an innovative, reliable, safe and durable product"

We have put together a short list of tasks and maintenance duties that should be performed on your Icematic ice machine and how often it is recommended you do these to not only keep your equipment running to its full potential but to maintain your manufacturers warranty.

How often to clean and maintain your ice machine

External body cleaning

A daily wipe down of the external surfaces should be performed in order to keep the body clean, it is enough to use a cloth soaked into a specific chlorine-free product suitable for stainless steel.

Cleaning the ice storage area

Recommended at least once a week to maintain proper sanitation, considering that the ice produced is administered to users. Remove all ice from the bin and clean the inside with a sponge moistened with warm water and a non-acidic cleaning agent. Rinse with clean water and properly dry it.

Cleaning/replacing water filters

Cleaning and maintenance of water filters should be carried out a minimum of every three months. This includes changing the filter cartridge. It may be necessary to do this more often depending on your water quality as this can exhaust the cartridge quicker.

Cleaning the air condenser

In order to make the most of your ice maker in terms of performance and durability, it is necessary to periodically clean the air condenser of the machine. This should be carried out by a licensed technician at a minimum of every six months, more often if the machine is subject to high levels of dust, exhaust fumes, etc.

Cleaning and sanitising cycle

Recommended at a minimum of at least twice a year, to remove the presence of limescale and / or mold and / or algae that inevitably form over time from the entire water circuit and from all parts in contact with the water. The frequency of cleaning depends on the hardness of the water, so it is possible that in the presence of particularly “hard” waters, rich in calcium, it is necessary to carry out a more frequent thorough cleaning of three to four times a year. Icematic ice machines have a special function called “washing cycle”, to be used for this operation.

What to use to clean your ice machine

Only Icematic approved ice machine cleaner should be used during the cleaning process. To purchase this cleaner, please call us on 1800 222 460. Refer to manufacturers instructions included in the service manual provided with your equipment on how much to use.

The above a just some of the more important steps in making sure your ice machine runs perfectly day after day and maintaining full manufacturers warranty. For full instructions see the manufacturers specifications provided in your user manual that accompanied the machine at purchase.

posted by scotsiceaustralia on 14/03/2023

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