Brand Focus: Icematic Ice Machines

Manufacturers of commercial ice making equipment such as ice cubers, flakers, ice dispensers and ice storage solutions. ICEMATIC is synonymous with ice makers.

Since Castel MAC was founded in 1963, the ICEMATIC division has grown to be a European leader in the sector. The company now exports in more than 70 countries and maintains a leading position in Italy where it is based.

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, CastelMac holds product innovation as their main objective, and are always ready accommodate and satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of their customers. Through technical innovation and the adoption of the most innovative technical solutions, Icematic is one of the most important world players in the Horeca market.

"Icematic ice makers are known for their performance, reliability and ease of installation"

The main product line is the M series, previously sold as the MV series, a range of high production modular ice cubers. Featuring the most innovative technology as well as increased energy and water efficiency, all the while maintaining fast and consistent ice production, the M series is considered highly reliable, high quality and one of the best value for money ice machines on the market.

The self contained line of ice machines is the CS series, which introduces the innovative spray system into the Icematic range of machines. The CS line allows Icematic to offer a complementary solution to hollow cubes in the markets where the full compact ice cube is preferred.

Icematic Both lines have been developed to optimize performances, environmental sustainability, easy cleaning and installation as a built-in solution. The entire range of products, from modular cubers to flake ice makers, offers a wide spectrum of solutions for ice storage and transportation

Planning, industrialisation and production based on modern systems, are the characteristics that make CastelMAC one of the biggest world players in the professional ice machine sector.

Browse through our range of Icematic equipment or get in touch with us on 1800 222 460 if you don't yet have a clear idea about the type of ice machine, ice type or amount of ice suited to your specific needs, our specialised sales staff will be able to assist you through the entire process.

More than 50 Years Experience In Ice Makers


More than 50 Years Experience In Ice Makers

Many things have changed during these years of work: people, materials, methods, but one thing has never changed in Castel MAC: the willingness of planning and manufacturing a product that will satisfy our customers.

For this reason, Castel MAC was among the first companies to obtain the ISO 9001 Quality System certification in 1995.

Icematic is synonymous with ice makers

In addition to this, and to the growing experience of all these years of work, we never lacked the desire for improvement.

We have specialised in winning challenges: being able to manufacture and improve products that already are among the best on the marketplace, is one of the most exciting challenges, and we want to win it.

- Castel MAC S.p.A. - ICEMATIC DIVISION - Ali Group S.r.l

posted by scotsiceaustralia on 24/11/2020

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