Polaris Genius: Ingenius All The Way Around

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Only With Genius

5 Multifunctional Models To Efficiently Organise Your Work

The new Genius range from Polaris is a range of multifunctional, multipurpose equipment capable of performing all your kitchen needs in the one appliance.

With 5 multifunctional models available in the range, from 4 trays up to 20 tray capacities (1/1GN), to efficiently organise your work, the Genius really is ingenious all the way around.

With Genius, Polaris brings a beating heart into every kitchen to offer a new and more efficient way of organising the work at hand, so that the chef has more time to dedicate to his or her culinary passion and creativity.

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Commercial cooking bakery blast chilling equipment

Blast Chilling

The 5 senses come back to life with Genius

Keeping a cooked product for 5 hours at room temperature corresponds to chilling it with Genius and holding it for 5 days. Quality and freshness can be served at any time.

Commercial cooking bakery blast freezing equipment

Blast Freezing

Spectacular freshness, all the time

Starters that are always ready to go, as well as desserts, pasta dishes, meat and anything else you have... without ever wasting food or energy and with plenty of savings. With Genius, it’s you who decides, and you who amazes your clients.

Commercial cooking bakery slow cook equipment

Slow Cooking

Maximum performance, even at night

Slow cooking gives you the advantage of reducing the loss of weight of food and makes everything juicier and more tender, even the tough stuff. But that’s not all: Genius gives you the product ready to be portioned, it won’t fall apart and you won’t lose precious juices either.

Commercial cooking bakery retarder prover equipment

Retarder Prover

Let your creativity break free

All Genius does is ask you at what time and on what day you want to bake. It does the rest: preserving it, defrosting it, letting it rise and then preserving it to be popped into the oven at the desired time. It’s all under control, without having to control.

Commercial cooking bakery warm hot holding equipment

Warm Holding

Your menus are always ready

Imagine being able to serve different dishes from your menu just by taking the plate from your personal assistant. Well, Genius holds them warm and ready to be brought to the table.

Commercial cooking bakery multilevel equipment


Intelligent blast chilling for every type of food

Every type of food has its own composition and needs to be handled in a different way to be served fresh, as if it had just been prepared. Genius keeps the characteristics of every product in mind, checks all levels and advises when it has been properly chilled.

Commercial cooking bakery food thawing equipment


Simply perfect technology

Stop worrying about how, where and for how long. Genius boasts the most advanced technology to make sure the temperature inside is perfect for thawing your cooked or raw dishes, with no surprises, and then preserves them perfectly.

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genius equipment video demonstrations

Video Gallery

In our video gallery you will find demonstrational videos on the Polaris Genius equipment.

There are videos showing the slow cooking / low temperature cooking to blast chilling method on sliced beef steak, galantine and crème caramel as well as an introductory video demonstrating why the Genius is so good and the wide range of features it has.

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Reorganise yourselves with Genius

A helping hand replacing a dozen assistants

The day’s rhythm is hectic, there’s no time for a break, and when its all over, everything has to be put back in place and the plans for tomorrow made.

Genius is the multifunctional solution that helps keeping the kitchen in order and optimising your weekly work so that you have more time, and space, for creativity.

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