Firex: New Easy Touch Control Panel

New easy touch control (ETC) electronic panel from Firex, cutting-edge technology in the kitchen

Easy Touch Control Panel Features

  • Large, 7 inch touchscreen
  • Creation and editing of cooking programs, each of which can be multi-phase
  • Cooking in Manual mode
  • Multilingual message settings
  • USB connection
  • Settings for different units of measurement (°C/°F; Litres/gallons)
  • Up to 8 different cooking settings
  • Self diagnostics
  • Allows you to select the number of litres of water to load, cold or hot, and then loads it automatically up to 90°
  • Command for rollover and return of the cooking vessel
  • Allows you to start the cooking on a specific date and time
  • Setting of mixing program with clockwise and anticlockwise rotation speed as well as pause time adjustment
Firex Cucimax model tilting kettle featuring the new easy touch control panel

Simplicity and efficiency guaranteed

A practical and intuitive cutting-edge touch control system for setting and adjusting the operation of each piece of cooking equipment installed.

A large 7" display allows you to program entire recipes at the touch of a button with different stages of cooking and mixing, with the possibility of accurately setting the time, temperature and process diagnostics.

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FIREX Easy Touch Control Models

Firex Cucimax model tilting braising pan featuring the new easy touch control panel


Tilting Braising Pans

Firex Cucimix model tilting bratt pan featuring the new easy touch control panel


Tilting Bratt Pans

Firex Betterpan model pressurised bratt pan featuring the new easy touch control panel


Pressurised Bratt Pans

Firex Baskett model tilting jacketed kettle featuring the new easy touch control panel


Tilting Jacketed Kettles

Machines for catering and food processing, 100% made in Italy

Firex is a leading company in the specialised cooking equipment sector, which has learnt how to leverage 40 years experience in the industry, an in-depth knowledge and technical skills in order to manufacture cooking systems capable of coping with intense work pressure, saving you time, energy and resources. Automatic features, ease of use and a wide range of models are the distinguishing features of Firex.

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