Baron: Perfect Partner For Tafes & Cooking Schools

Baron Commercial Cooking Equipment designed the be the perfect partner for tafes, cooking schools and technical training colleges.

Designed to be the perfect partner for tafes, cooking schools and technical training colleges

The Baron range of commercial cooking equipment is the perfect partner for tafes, cooking schools and technical training colleges. With their medium line of 700 mm deep, heavy duty equipment, that covers a wide range of equipment types found in a commercial kitchen making it easy to simulate in a learning environment for the trainee chefs.

This range of equipment is also designed to be easy to clean, easy to use and to be able to take the knocks and bumps of a busy kitchen.

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A Perfect Example Why Baron Is A Must

The perfect example of why Baron is a must for training kitchens is with their gas burner range with electric oven. At 800 mm wide, the four burner cook top gives the students plenty of space in front of the equipment while providing enough burners for students to share.

The even heat type electric oven under the cook top offers three cooking settings with lower element only for baking, top element only for grilling and browning as well as both elements on for conventional cooking.

Safer, Reliable and More Efficient Gas Burner

The gas cook top burners are also supplied with electric ignition for lighting the burners, making it a lot safer for students and no need for matches or sparker guns. The mushroom type burners are perfect for this type of application as it prevents and clogs from spills or accidents and can be supplied in small, medium or large size to provide the exact amount of power desired for each application.

Each unit is supplied standard with fully protected pilot lights and flame failure device for each burner, which also helps to prevent clogs from spills or accidents. Heavy duty cast iron trivets are standard but can be upgraded with stainless steel full length trivets that span two traditional burners to accommodate larger pot sizes.

Manufactured For Perfection

Manufactured out of the highest grade stainless steel with the cook top built as a single fully moulded piece and the oven being stainless steel inside and out making it easy to clean and maintain.

As all Baron equipment is designed and manufactured to be durable and heavy duty, all service and warranty as well as after sales support is a breeze with fully trained and qualified technicians all over Australia as well as readily available spare parts for quick and easy access for repairs.

Professional Foodservice Equipment

Heavy investments have allowed Baron to guarantee extremely hi-tech solutions and advanced automatism, which are indispensable requirements to achieve the quality standards that the market demands.

Baron continue to develop innovative products that adapt to changing market demands, to offer high quality and hi-tech systems and to maintain the utmost flexibility in every solution, particularly in cooking blocks.

700 Series Medium Catering Line

The 700 BARON line is made in compliance with strict European Standards in terms of safety, hygiene, reliability and respect for the environmental and is certified under international standards such as CE, GOST, AGA and others. Stainless steel with scotch-brite finish heightens the aesthetic appeal, and the technological and ergonomic innovation of this equipment.

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