Lainox: Naboo Boosted, State Of The Art Combi Ovens

The Naboo Boosted range of combi oven steamers are the result of combining all the experience and knowledge that Lainox has to offer and developing one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art combi ovens on the market.
In doing so they surpassed their limits in speed, efficiency, intelligence, robustness, connectivity, size, flexibility and power with the Naboo Boosted range representing the very best in combi ovens, a concentration of technology that makes the user experience easy and fun.
“An oven that guarantees performance beyond every limit, give yourself the best combi ever with naboo boosted”
Thanks to the standard supply WI-Fi connection, Naboo boosted is considered an Industry 4.0 device allowing you to access the Lainox Nabook Cloud, your complete and totally free virtual assistant, to help you organise and manage your kitchen.
The powerful steam generator allows for an unprecedented speed in cooking. In just 7 minutes, a load of broccoli is ready and in the Naboo boosted 101 model, in combi mode, 24 spit-roasted chickens are ready in just 30 minutes. In addition, with the new Fast Dry Boosted® system, dehumidifying the cooking chamber is even faster, guaranteeing perfect crispiness and gratin finish every time.
An exclusive function featured in Naboo boosted is the Energy Monitor which allows you to monitor and clearly display energy consumptions, such as electricity, gas, water and detergents, including the previous cooking cycles, up to one year before. Vapor Cleaning System (VCS), on the other hand, is the automatic wash system which results in a significant reduction in consumption of up to 30% less thanks to an innovative steam cleaning system.


Naboo boosted provides you with Naboo coach, a genuine virtual assistant that gives you advice in the cooking stages, suggests the most suitable washing cycle to run or even lets you know when maintenance is required.


Innovative collaborative technology resulted in the use of new Long Life Components LLC. In the design phase, a lot attention was also paid to ease of installation and maintenance and the Easy Maintenance Access (EMA) program reduces service intervention times.
For more information on the Lainox Naboo Boosted range of direct steam combi ovens, download the brochure below or contact us on 1800 222 460 and our specialised sales staff will be able to assist you with any questions.
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