Lainox: Compact Naboo Boosted Combi Ovens

An elegant and compact design while maintaining all the technology and benefits from the bigger Naboo range, ideal for kitchens which don’t have a lot of space and are “on view”.

Available in 4 models with different sizes and tray capacities. Simple, intuitive commands with a 7-inch, LCD, HD capacitive touch screen display.

“Cook like a master chef with a professional oven in your home kitchen”

The absolutely unique feature that distinguishes Naboo from other ovens is called the Cloud. In the Cloud, you find everything necessary to create your finished dish because we have put the know-how of every single dish in the Cloud, including the recipe, process, preparation method, cooking program and presentation.

With Lainox’s innovation Naboo@home solution, your love of cooking knows no bounds as you can now have a professional oven in your kitchen at home as well. Easy and convenient to install because it has been specially designed to fit into standard 60 cm household kitchen modules.

Just One Touch

The Naboo interface is just like a larger version of your smartphone or tablet screen, with the same functions: browse menus, drag icons, open files, create new pages, organise new folders with new contents, draw from the cloud and add the contents to your machine. All with maximum freedom, creativity and functionality.

Recessed Installation
Practical and innovative solutions for fitting either model of the Compact 026 and 061 range in any setting, even in the home kitchen. The kit consists of a recess frame and extraction hood with air condenser. The 026 model can also be installed in standard 60 cm models in domestic kitchens.
Energy Monitor
Thanks to Energy Monitor, Naboo allows transparent monitoring of electricity, gas, water and detergent consumption, including all previous cooking processes up until the last year. In addition, if Naboo is connected to Nabook (the Lainox Cloud), consumption can also be monitored remotely.
One Touch Cleaning

Just choose the right wash level and Naboo does the rest on its own, thanks to the automatic wash cycle with liquid detergent. The COMBICLEAN detergent, specially developed by Lainox, guarantees maximum hygiene and comes in a handy 100% recyclable cartridge/canister. No more handling and dangerous decanting.

For more information on the Lainox Compact Naboo Boosted range of combi ovens, download the brochure below or contact us on 1800 222 460 and our specialised sales staff will be able to assist you with any questions.

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