Brand Focus: Lainox Combi Oven Steamers

From the beginning, Lainox has fostered a pioneering spirit to guide and focus their dedication to providing customers with the best quality combi oven steamers and convection ovens on the market.
In an ever dynamic market, Lainox studies new food service trends with an incredible attention to detail in order to not only meet these current needs but to anticipate and keep one step ahead.
“Whether you have an à la carte menu or your main business is banquets, we have created a system to make your work easier, more efficient and profitable”
With dedicated research backed with many years of experience, Lainox has built a solid reputation with food service operators with their ovens being used in over 100 countries worldwide.


The story of a cosmopolitan recipe

The launch of the first fan assisted oven providing the perfect air distribution

The production of the first generation combi oven offering both convection and steam cooking

Launched their second generation combi oven with multiple automatic functions including innovative automatic humidity control

Third generation oven with Scroller© control and Autoclima© released, the first user-friendly oven

Making history by adding a touch screen control to their ovens as well as introducing the (ICS) Interactive Cooking System technology

Lainox focused its attention on the environment and energy efficiency, introducing green technology to the market

Lainox transformed the market with the introduction of the Naboo, a new generation of ovens with united technology and know-how

Compact technology was brought to the market with the launch of a new Naboo Compact oven at just 51 centimetres wide

Lainox develops Nabook, the first virtual assistant helping customers organise and run a professional kitchen

Lainox brings the taste of speed to the market with the launch of Oracle, a compact, high speed, all-in-one oven

2021 – Present
Over 40 years in and still providing the market with the best combi ovens in the world

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