A Top Class Must: Gourmet Ice Makers

Scotsman Commercial Ice Machine Maker Patented Gourmet Shape Ice Cube

For scotch on the rocks or a perfect G&T you want the best looking ice, with the slowest melt rate, and that has to be the Scotsman gourmet cube.

The way Scotsman cubers make the gourmet cube ice means it is very pure, so it's crystal clear and long lasting, so long lasting that you can even use it with ambient drinks like bottled fruit juices.

If you need crushed ice then partner your cuber with a Scotsman Crushman - it crushes kilos of cubes in seconds. For guest self-service, the Scotsman DXG35 delivers great ice, quickly and quietly.

Available in three different sizes and weights to meet any requirements in terms of ease of use and quality results.

posted by scotsiceaustralia on 17/01/2017