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When You Buy Scotsman, You Buy Experience, Innovation & Reliability

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Scotsman has been designing and manufacturing ice machines since 1950 and for more than half a century, innovation and reliability have always been their top priorities.

Scotsman has been known as the benchmark in the Hotel, Restaurants and Cafeteria industries where it is a synonym of “ice”. Each and every Scotsman ice machine is factory tested before leaving their facilities, which is why a Scotsman ice machine starts delivering excellent ice, cubes or flake, from the very first batch.

With an extensive range of machine production sizes and ice shapes there is a Scotsman Ice Machine to suit any needs.

Currently Scotsman ice makers are installed at: Manly Masonic Club, West Leagues Club, Sydney Opera House, Leeman Brothers Sydney, Qantas A330 Training Kitchen.

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The Technology of Scotsman Ice Makers

All Scotsman Ice Machines offer bacterial protection control through the use of AgION®, an antibacterial compound that is incorporated during production into all plastic parts that come in contact with water. This innovation provides Scotsman customers a specific, reliable and durable technology against ice microbial contamination, a feature which is to be appreciated especially in this day-and-age: hygiene cannot be compromised.

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Coffee Houses and Cafes

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Ice is the first and most important ingredient of any thirst-quenching drink, which should be served with enough ice to keep them chilled throughout without diluting them. The Scotsman Gourmet Cube is the best shape of ice available to enrich the drink and heighten the value perceived by the customer.

Hi-volume Snack Bars

Ice provides the ideal temperature for consumption and increases impulse purchases. It can be plentifully used in snack bars, whether to cool drinks to the right serving temperature or to fill eye catching displays for promotions. Scotsman Flake Ice proves particularly useful for display applications, where as the unmistakable shape of Scotsman Gourmet Cubes perfectly complements the serving of soft drinks, traditional cocktails and long drinks.

Lunch Venues

Lunch Bar customers are not simply looking for a meal, but for a relaxing break. Often small details, such as, an ice bucket filled with Scotsman Gourmet cubes will allow customers to decide how much ice they want in their drinks. If serving wine with your meals, why not fill your ice bucket with Scotsman Flake or Nugget Ice.

Pubs, Wine Bars and Nightclubs

In the realm of highly specialised preparing, serving and displaying techniques, here, “drinks” equal “entertainment” and any embellishment is perceived as an added value. The range of drinks served is so wide that different shapes of ice need to be at hand. For the purpose of displaying drinks, Scotsman Nugget Ice, with its low water content, will last longer than the standard Flake ice. For mixers and cocktails, both Gourmet Ice and Full and Half Cube Dice Ice will prove effective, the latter also being the best pairing for soft drinks. Nugget and Cubelet on the other hand are very handy for smoothies and creamy cocktails.

Restaurants and Hotels

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In Restaurants and Hotels the name of the game is enhancing the level of the service offered to – and perceived by – the customer. Here, details do count. Ice improves the appeal and the quality of drinks and fresh products and it is important that the correct shape of ice is chosen for each application, be it the presentation of seafood or fresh fruits nicely displayed on a bed of flake ice, or the service of a fine bottle of wine. Drinks, long drinks, cocktails and liquors are perfectly complimented by pure Gourmet Ice cubes. We can find the right machine to make your perfect ice!

Holiday Resorts and Cruise Vessels

On all-inclusive holidays, it is important to offer different dining and entertainment themes, covering all eating and drinking experiences. Here, machine made ice is used in all its different shapes to provide cooling, appealing drinks and quality of service, while at the same time, cost effectiveness cannot be neglected. Scotsman has the solutions to meet any special requirements: different shapes of ice to choose from include the classic Gourmet Cube to the multi-task Dice and Half-Dice, Flake and Super Flake as well as Nugget Ice.

Catering Companies

Catering Companies typically face the challenge of serving a high number of meals with strict quality standards in locations where preparation, storage and refrigeration facilities are often not at hand. Flake and Super Flake ice machines can be used to keep Gastro-Norm catering trays at the correct holding temperature, as well as to cool bottles of champagne or wine. For serving soft drinks, Dice and Half-Dice cubes prove useful.

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