What Type of Fryer Should You Get for Your Professional Catering Equipment?

- Updated April, 2017
  • If you are going to be serving fried foods at your catering gigs, it is helpful to know what the best fryer would be. It does depend on how much food you want to cook, the type of food you are going to fry and what features you are looking for. However, the information about different electric, gas and specialty fryers here should give a good guideline as to which industrial cooking equipment fryer you should get.

    Electric Fryers

  • The first type of professional catering equipment fryer you can use is an electric fryer. The countertop fryers will save you space, are generally cheaper than bigger models, great for concession stands, are good in smaller kitchens and great for food trucks. If you have a smaller catering business, this might be the fryer you need. There are electric floor models that are great for heavier use, good for industrial sized restaurants and good for cafeterias too. These are the main options for electric flyers

    Gas Fryers

  • You will also be able to choose from professional catering equipment gas fryers. There are gas fryers for the countertop. These are space savers as well and great for small-sized cafes, concession stands, hotel cafes and small catering gigs. The floor model gas fryers are great if you are going to use them all the time, if you have a lot of space and if you need to fry a lot of food at once.

    Specialty Fryers

  • You will also find some specialty fryers. You can get a donut fryer if you make a lot of donut or funnel cakes. These are great if you need to make food that should float when it is cooking. There are vent-less fryers for the counter top as well. These are good if you only have a little space and they don’t have big hoods which mean they won’t be in the way. You can choose pressure fryers too. These reduce the oil needed and they cook food faster.
  • These are some of the fryers you can choose from to add to your professional catering equipment. Check out fryers at Scots Ice Australia right away.